On April 30, 1949, Napoleon and Josephine Patti served the first beer in Nap Patti’s Bar. The tavern quickly became the neighborhood’s favorite watering hole. Over the next forty years, it remained a place for friends to gather to enjoy a beer, a shot or a great bowl of chili.

With each generation comes change and so in June 1992 the doors of Nap’s beloved tavern temporarily closed to allow for renovations. These renovations allowed for a new generation, lead by Nap and Josephine’s daughter, Mary Jo Karas, to follow in their shoes and re-open as Nap’s Cucina Mia. (Nap’s Kitchen)

Inspired by a passion inherent in her Italian blood and by a talent refined in Josephine’s kitchen, Mary Jo has designed a menu that includes family recipes passed down through the generations as well as new, creative recipes of her own. With family tradition in mind, the pasta and sauce at Nap’s Cucina are made from scratch, using only the freshest local ingredients.

The passing of time leads to change and Nap’s Cucina Mia is no different. Returning from Florence with a master’s degree in Italian cuisine, Mary Jo and Bill’s son, Nick, has continued his family’s time honored traditions while offering many new, exciting, dishes to the menu. With a commitment to both tradition and the future, Nick’s ever changing specials will keep customers returning time and time again.

To Mary Jo and her family, the kitchen is a place for more than just cooking food. To eat at Naps is not to eat in a restaurant but to actually eat in Mary Jo’s, and Nicks kitchen; and takes you back to a time that exudes warmth, friendship, and love.

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